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Nope, It's Not a Font, It's an Original.

I've been offering my creative handwriting and traditional calligraphy services to bridal and business clients alike for over 20 years. People told me then, and now, that I should create my own font(s). Well, I guess I missed the boat on that trend... HA! But that's okay, I'll focus on other original projects using my lettering skills.

The first image is a quick pic I took of a wine label while at Trader Joe's last weekend. The second image is my version of that same G on my dry erase white board. The third image is my G finalized in vector form using Adobe Illustrator. And the fourth and final image is using my fabulous G monogram in a personal stationery program for Allen and I. Postcards, notecards, wrap around envelope labels, flat packaging labels and my personal favorite... round envelope seals. And personally... I like my G better! How about you?


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